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ICAD 2014 Begins Today


Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-A-Day (ICAD) Challenge begins today!  The goal is to create on a 3×5 index card each day of June and July.  61 days of creativity.  The 3×5 card is a nice size and inexpensive.  No required materials, except the 3×5 index card, just use what you have.  There are weekly themes and daily prompts if you’re a prompt kind of person.  Or you can just do your own thing.  Or a little of both.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself last year and am excited to participate again.  Did I mention there’s no fee?  If you’re curious or want more information you can find it here.  Anyone care to join in?

Here’s my cover card for this year’s set.

ICAD cover card

Last year I collected each card on a large book ring.  For now, each one’s going in a card box until I can make a decision about this year.

I’m hoping to keep up with card photos and post the set for that week on Sundays.  I’ll also add them to the ICAD page (link at the top).



5 thoughts on “ICAD 2014 Begins Today

  1. Awesome Janet – what a wonderful decision – and I’m so glad you’ve posted this —- I was so amazed and impressed by your efforts last year. Can’t wait to see what’s up this year! 😮


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