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Progress Check {14}

The arthritis in my knees has flared this week.  Monday I was fine.  Tuesday and Wednesday I sat in the recliner with my right knee elevated all day.  Nothing much to do but watch TV and knit.  I’m doing much better today and start physical therapy tomorrow.  The knitting is the best part of the last few days.


On the needles . . . The Annette cotton cardi is coming right along.  Two more repeats and buttonholes and it will be time to separate for the sleeves.  The Trilian is well underway.  The yarn is Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton in unique rose.  It starts with a light rose and transitions first to a pale taupe and ends a crisp white.  I just started the first color transition.

On the Kindle . . . Still reading Allegiant.  I’m not enjoying this third book nearly as much as the other two.  But I’m determined to finish.

In the art journals . . . I’m managing to do the daily ICAD  prompt and my daily journal.  The others are on hold for another day or two.

The best news . . . the Kids are driving up tomorrow to visit for a couple of weeks!     🙂

I have a few blogs still to catch up on, so I’m off.  Enjoy your day.

♥  Janet

9 thoughts on “Progress Check {14}

  1. Hope your knees are better soon. At least you could knit. I have recurring trouble with prolapsed discs – sitting’s a no-no so I can only knit what I can carry around while I pace the living room! Have fun with your kids!


  2. I hope you are feeling better real soon. But you got lots of knitting time in so that’s a good thing! Enjoy your weekend 🙂


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