Wednesday Project Check {15}

Happy Wednesday.  I hope everyone’s doing well.  It’s hot and humid here.  Feels like summer.  The Kids headed back to Florida this morning.  They said the weather here feels pretty nice.  I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.  I’m sorry to see them leave.  The house seems a little empty now.  We had a wonderful visit and enjoyed our time together.  Miss Sydney enjoyed the extra attention and treats.

Unique Rose Trillian
Rose Trillian

The Trillian has grown some over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve knit through the solid dusty rose color, three transitions to the light taupe and now I’m beginning the solid taupe color.  Unblocked, the length is 42 inches so far.  I may stop at the end of the solid taupe and not get into the off white colors.  I’ll decide when it get’s to that point.

It’s a busy week ahead.  PT for me, vet visit for Sydney, pictures of the Index-Card-A-Day challenge and my Documented Life journal to post.  And I have lots of blog reading to catch up with.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

♥  Janet



6 thoughts on “Wednesday Project Check {15}

  1. It’s hot and muggy here too. I am so over the heat and it’s only June. Hiding inside from the bugs and the sun feels wrong but even the cats are melted on the sidewalk today.
    Can’t wait to see Trillian finished. I’ve always wanted one.


  2. Such delicate colours. I was just writing up a plan for 4 sets of fabric I wanted to weave to make summer clothes (most likely won’t be done this summer knowing me), and now you’re having me want to add another set. (the idea is to overlap yarns somewhat to make them kinda related and interchangeable in sections….)


  3. I am really drawn to the colors on this one. Even though “my” colors are normally super saturated brights. But these colors really draw me in.


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