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Wednesday Check-In {16}

~ Happy Wednesday! ~

morning coffee with the dragonfly socks

On the needles . . . Once the Trillian scarf was finished (FO post coming soon), I pulled the dragonfly socks from the bag and finished up the foot and toe of sock 1.  Sock 2 was started yesterday.  This yarn has such a great color combination (shades of teal, brown, olive, and cream).  The photo doesn’t begin to do it justice.  And the dragonfly pattern is interesting but very simple.  Together, great pattern and lovely yarn make this such an enjoyable knit.  I love it when everything comes together like this.

On the bookshelf . . . I finally finished Allegiant by Veronica Roth.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books of the Divergent series, but this third book left me disappointed and skimming now and again just to get it finished.    To switch gears, I’m back to my comfy, cozy mysteries and have just started Murder is Binding by Lorna Barrett.  This is the first in her Booktown Mystery series.  Mystery book shop owner, Tricia Miles, finds a fellow store owner dead and the town sees her as a suspect.  I’m not far enough along to know much more.

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The sky is overcast this morning and the sun is just starting to poke through the clouds.  The birds are quite pleased about the change and singing happy songs.  I’m hoping the rain forecast is wrong.  I finished today’s ICAD card quickly and now it’s time to finish my coffee and put in a few more rows on the socks while I take a little blog walk.  I hope you enjoy your Wednesday and the rest of the week.

♥  Janet

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Check-In {16}

  1. Lovely socks indeed — you’re right Janet – the color way is delightful. Nothing quite like having things come together 🙂


  2. Your socks are beautiful Janet!!! I understand what you mean about your book. I did the same thing with the Hunger Game series – I did not like the third book for some reason.


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