World Cup Knitting

Happy Wednesday!  The World Cup has been a big plus for my knitting progress.

* All the ends are sewn on the Trillian and photos taken.

* The Dragonfly socks are finished and ready for their “ta-da” post.

* I immediately cast on for a new pair of plain socks to help me ride out the tension of the last US game.

World Cup socks
World Cup socks

This is sock #1, a plain 60-stitch sock on 2.5 mm needles.  A plain sock is about all I could handle while watching World Cup soccer.  Games were tense and my needles were flying.  The yarn is Gerschubie Fiber Arts Solfege in Tabitha’s Mural.  I picked up this yarn at the Fiber Festival in May.  When I was winding the yarn I had to wonder why I had chosen these colors, not my typical choices.  But as the sock has grown, the colors have grown on me.  I’m ready to pick up stitches for the gusset.  Another exciting game and I’ll have it finished.       🙂

What’s on your needles?

♥  Janet

8 thoughts on “World Cup Knitting

  1. At the moment, nothing is on my needles – they sit lifeless – although I have many a wound ball waiting — but it’s really hot – and truthfully, my mind is elsewhere 😦

    But I shall live through everyone’s projects and enjoy!

    Your new socks look lovely — happy watching and knitting – and can’t wait for Friday to see the finished projects!


  2. I do love the color of those socks.
    I can relate to the flying needles during that last game. I had to go out on the deck during the extra time because I knew what was coming and I didn’t want to see it. At least now I can sit down and enjoy the rest of the games without the panic.
    I’ve actually only got one thing on the needles right now-an afghan that I vowed to finish before the end of summer. I am getting ready to cave in though. I can’t stay faithful to only one knit. I need socks to knit and I need them now. I am hoping the Tour de Fleece will take my mind off my lack of knitting-at least for a while longer.


  3. love those socks! Isn’t it great how these big sporting events give us permission to sit fro hours and knit? 🙂 I have a few small projects on the needles and hook – socks, of course. A dropped stitch scarf, and then left over sock yarn crocheted squares which will be a blanket someday. I’ll wait until the year of sock knitting is over to arrange them, there is no telling what colors are coming ahead, right? But meanwhile, I want to keep up with making the squares. And there are no Olympics this summer… 😦


  4. I definitely have my favorite colors, but it’s always fun to knit something totally different. I have a million (or so) things OTN, but am obsessed with my Ojo de Dios Shawl.


  5. I tried to comment on this a few days ago but it wouldn’t let me at the time. Absolutely love the colourway of your sock, so bright and cheerful! For me, I’ve about five pairs of socks on the needles right now. Need to get my act together big time!


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