Tour de Fleece 2014

tdf-2014-logoThe 101st Tour de France began today and runs through July 27.  While the riders spin the wheels of their bikes, spinners world-wide will spin their wheels and spindles for the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry.  The purpose of the Tour is to challenge yourself and the guidelines are simple:

  • Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday July 5 through Sunday July 27th. Days of rest: Tuesday, July 15th and Monday July 21st. (Just like the actual tour.)
  • Spin something challenging on the challenge day (usually the toughest high mountain stage: this year, it’s Stage 14, on Saturday, July 19th, when they climb over 3,000m at grades from 4-6%).
  • Wear yellow on Sunday July 27th to announce victory. Why not wear yellow on any day you feel particularly successful? (Yellow is the color of the race leader in the Tour – but here we are all ‘race leaders’) Other colors if desired: Green (sprinter – think FAST), Polka-dot (climber – as in uphill), and white (rookie).

I’ll be spinning with Team Peleton on the main Ravelry group and here’s my plan.

Fibers for this year's Tour de Fleece
Fibers for this year’s Tour de Fleece
  • finish the second bobbin of Downton (Greenwood Fiberworks BFL/silk) and ply on the wheel (4 oz total)
  • Loom Hall Textiles shetland wool roving – Violet the Shetland’s wool – on the wheel (.9 oz)
  • finish (?) Ashland Bay merino top started on Sistermaide spindle (4 oz total)
BellaBug is ready to for TdF '14
BellaBug is ready to for TdF ’14

This will be the first TdF for BellaBug (my Schacht Ladybug wheel) and she’s very excited!  I have a spindle ready in case my knees start to complain.  Either way, I will be happily spinning everyday and enjoying the Tour.      🙂

Are you spinning for the Tour de Fleece?

Happy Saturday and Happy Tour!

♥  Janet




6 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece 2014

  1. I haven’t spun for the Tour de Fleece in two years! Maybe I’ll do a but of spinning this year. Love your fiber choice Janet 😊


  2. I said I was going to take it easy this year and not give myself spinners elbow or ruin my knees but this morning I started pulling fiber out of the stash and I am already hopelessly over committed.
    Best wishes on a great Tour! The TV coverage was spectacular. I’m going to re-watch it tonight and spin some more!


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