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Wednesday Progress Check {18}

Happy Wednesday!  Lots to share today —

Progress after Day 5.
Progress after Day 5

Tour de Fleece . . . My challenge for this year’s TdF has been all about adapting.  After some trial and error, I’ve learned to sit further away from the wheel so there’s less stress on my knees.  And a greater distance between me and the flyer means I’ve had to rework the way I draft the fiber.  It’s slow going, but let me tell you it’s so much better than not being able to use the wheel at all.  Miss BellaBug would be so disappointed if she had to skip the TdF.  Since we’ve been together only about 6 months, old habits haven’t been too hard to change and I’m close to half-way through the second bobbin of the Downton (Greenwood Fiberworks BFL/silk).

World Cup socks
World Cup socks

On the Needles . . . This is the sock I’ve been knitting while watching the World Cup soccer matches.  I chose a vanilla sock so that I didn’t have to worry about concentration, and thanks to all the excitement the needles were flying and the sock was growing.  When something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is.  See the marker above?  That’s where the toe decreases should have begun, 2.5 inches of extra knitting.  The good news — I learned to put in an afterthought lifeline, ripped back, knit the toe and . . . sock 1 is complete.  Sock 2 is on the needles and ready for the last two games of the World Cup.  I’ll be counting a little more carefully this time.      🙂

On the bookshelf . . . The first book of Lorna Barrett’s Booktown Mystery series, Murder is Binding, was a quick and enjoyable read.  So I’ve immediately started the next book in the series, Bookmarked for Death.  The main characters are enjoyable and I’m eager to see how this mystery plays out.

There will be updates coming soon on The Documented Life Project and ICAD.  I’ve been keeping up with both challenges.  Just too little time to take photos.  Soon . . . soon . . .

I hope you’re enjoying your week and making lots of progress on your projects.

♥  Janet

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Progress Check {18}

  1. Today was a rough day for the riders and for me as well. I am already starting to feel the stress in my legs from spending so much time at the wheel and I am actually only doing a fraction of what I usually do during the Tour. My hands are also feeling the strain. I do better on the Bug because of the double treadle. My single treadle wheels are killing my right calf-and it’s only stage 5!!!


  2. Great progress made on your projects Janet! Absolutely inspiring and, as always, interesting to see your efforts —- you are such a creative! 🙂

    Happy weekend 🙂


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