Wrapping Up the Tour de Fleece

I love participating in the Tour de Fleece.  And although I didn’t accomplish as much as I’d hoped, I’m still calling this this year’s Tour a success.  This was my first TdF using the wheel and BellaBug gave it her all.  The challenge this year was about limited time and adapting my spinning habits to make it less stressful on my knees and back.  I’m really pleased with the changes and the skein that was finished.

Greenwood Fiberworks BFL/Tussah Silk
Downton colorway
504 yards fingering weight

Looking forward to next year’s Tour        🙂


19 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the Tour de Fleece

  1. That is a truly lovely skein — and although you may not have been able to accomplish all of your goals, at least working on helping yourself improve your posture while spinning, as well as improving techniques etc, far outweighs the quantity.

    Quality over quantity – and if it was enjoyable, then indeed Janet – well done and accomplished!


  2. I love your final yarn. It’s just calling to be knitted up. The colors are so soft and blend together very nicely. The yellow in the fiber makes the yarn look as though it is lit from within.

    I have spun a lot of BFL/Tussah blend, so I know just how scrumptious the yarn feels. Congratulations.


  3. As Pat has already said, quality over quantity. And that is some quality yarn 😉 I’d love to get my grubby mits on it. Are you blonde? I think that colour could look really nice on someone with fair hair.


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