Special Weekend

This past weekend was peaceful and relaxing.


::  silly squirrels entertaining, watching us watching them

::  back to school meeting for ~J~ on Friday

::  FaceTime with ~T~

::  veggies from the garden

::  browsing in the bookstore

::  celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary 

::  anniversary dinner on the restaurant patio

::  lots of time for knitting and art journaling

How was your weekend?

♥  Janet

I’m behind in my blog reading but I promise to catch up soon.

8 thoughts on “Special Weekend

  1. Well this sounds like a most wonderful weekend! And Happy Anniversary! 40 is indeed quite the accomplishment (when my ex-parents hit 50, I thought “Wow.”)

    And so, may you and your hubby find many more years of peace, love, laughter and joy, as well as health in all of your adventures together, however small, big, wild or calm they may be!

    Congrats Janet!


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