Wednesday Progress Check {22}




Happy Wednesday, Friends!

This is Back-t0-School week and ~J~ just left for the first day with students.  Miss Sydney and I are settling into our morning routines again.  She’s already claimed her napping spot outside the craft room door to keep me company while I work.   🙂

On the needles . . . ~J~’s sock is the only thing that’s received any attention this week.  The heel is turned and I’m headed down the foot.  I had my doubts about knitting with black yarn, but there’s just enough pop of gray to make this fun.

On the bookshelf . . . Still reading Ten Beach Road and the story is interesting.  This could be a very quick read if I wasn’t so easily distracted.

I hope your week is going well.  What are you working on?

♥  Janet



9 thoughts on “Wednesday Progress Check {22}

  1. That’s a lot of sock progress. I’m impressed! My mojo is still a no-go so I’m still passing the time looking at other people’s knitting rather than picking up my own.


    1. Sometimes that’s what it takes for me to get the motivation back. I’ll bet you find something soon that you’ll just have to start. 🙂


  2. The sock is looking good! We still have a few weeks till school starts here. My routine doesn’t change that much since my daughter is in college and pretty independent (except the big tuition bill I just had to pay this morning). The biggest change is the traffic – there’s so much more with the buses on the road. Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Wow Janet – that is a lovely colorway — the greys really make it rich in texture and color. And if you would be so kind, the type of wool/yarn?

    Great show.


    1. Thanks, Pat. The yarn is from The Unplanned Peacock Studio, Twisty Sock (100% merin0) in the onyx colorway. I found the vendor at the fiber festival in May and sure wish I’d bought more.

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      1. Thanks for the info! Ah, that’s the problem isn’t it? We see something new to us, wonder and hem and haw, take a chance, hope for the best – and then it exceeds expectations! Knitter’s law this.

        Well, at least you get to make wonderful use of what you do have.I’m sure those socks will be most appreciated by the recipient – J? if I remember correctly. 🙂


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