Sometimes our mistakes present opportunities for change and improvement.  Notice the changes in the looks of the blog?  A change wasn’t planned.  In fact, it came about by mistake.  One little misdirected click and . . . oops . . . I lost my old formatting.  Lost before I had a chance to copy the old settings so they could be restored.  Double oops.  Luckily, none of the content was lost.

I took advantage of my ‘oops’ to do a little browsing through themes, some cleaning and rearranging and . . . voila! . . . a new look for Pixelknit’s Ponderings.  There’s no longer a menu bar at the top so all the pages (About Me, Finished Projects, ICAD, and Reading Lists) have been moved to the sidebar.  Blogs I Read has a page of its own now and is listed with the others.  The rest is pretty much cosmetic.

I wasn’t planning a change, but I think I like it.

♥  Janet


14 thoughts on “Oops!

    1. Hi, Pia. Making the page was a lot easier than I thought it would be. On the blog homepage, I highlighted and copied the list of blogs. Then I opened a new blank page and pasted them in. When I previewed that new page, I was surprised and grateful that the links copied also.


  1. As you’ve said, sometimes the little unplanned mistakes lead us to somewhere new and exciting — and I really like the look of your blog. It’s different, yes, but crisp and clean and just wonderful. So here’s to the little mistimed “clicks” that initially lead to great frustrations and then on to other, fun things 🙂


  2. I like this although I can imagine your heart was beating a tad faster as you realised you couldn’t go back! I clicked on a previous post (I’m curious like that!) and found you have a nice little arrow to the right – like turning the pages of a book 🙂


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