Gathering Acorns


We have two large willow oaks in the front that were planted about 25 years ago.  They provide shelter for birds building nests in the spring and a lovely, shaded canopy in the summer.  Our oaks are the last trees to drop their leaves in autumn.  Some leaves turn brown and never drop.


The oaks produce tons of tiny acorns and, this time of year, the squirrels and jays begin their harvest.  The walks and drive are littered with the results of their hard work.  You can’t walk or drive without crunching acorns.  It’s a bit of a mess but we know they mean well.  The birds and squirrels make such a fuss when Sydney takes her walks in the yard.


Today while I was taking photos, caps, nuts and twigs were raining down.


I love the texture, colors and shapes of the acorns and caps so I’ve been collecting a few in a small bowl on the table in the foyer.  Makes me smile.  🙂

º   º   º

It’s Friday and the cowl is finished but I’ll save the FO post until after she’s had her spa treatment.  Lacy knits look a mess until they’ve had a nice soak and a good stretch.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

♥  Janet


6 thoughts on “Gathering Acorns

  1. I used to love acorns as a child but we don’t have them here.Believe it or not I used to crack them open and eat them. They are bitter but I liked them. I also used to play tea party with the little caps. All that fun from a little nut.


  2. We have a large oak in the garden of our new home and it’s been pelting me with acorns for weeks now. I take a few to the head every time I’m pegging washing out on the line.


  3. Our oak does the same. For some reason, every year I just can’t resist sketching the acorns in situ. Something about their shape and textured caps.


  4. our oaks are the last to drop their leaves and there usually are tons of them. For some reason the acorns drop in late summer. I love that because I’m grumpy with the hot weather and seeing the acorns brings joy knowing fall is approaching. Lovely photos!


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