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What Happened to Wednesday?

Seriously.  This week is flying by with a mind of its own.  And yesterday . . . where did Wednesday go?  I had a doctor’s appointment, ran errands, made phone calls and by the time I finally sat down to write a WIP post — nope, didn’t happen.  So, here’s WIP Wednesday’s post on Thursday.    🙂

º   º   º


I’ve really been concentrating on ~J’s~ sock and turned the heel on sock #2 while I was at the doctor’s office.  I’m not a fan of waiting rooms, but when it’s dedicated knitting time it’s not so bad.  Finishing the pair for Socktober is looking good.


The other project that’s seeing lots of attention is my December Daily book.  I’ve decided to follow along with Ali Edward’s December Daily project and have been working on the foundation pages.  It feels so good to be able to use up lots of scrap papers and embellishments from stash.  OK, I did buy some bits last week too.  I’ll have more to share when it actually gets closer to December.

º   º   º

I hope you’re having a good week.  I’m off to try to catch up on blog reading.

♥   Janet


6 thoughts on “What Happened to Wednesday?

  1. Yes, this week seems to have flown by. Somehow I missed Tuesday and Wednesday. Now I’m trying to cram 48 hours into 24 hours.


  2. What did happen to Wednesday? Can’t say that I’m sad to be that much closer to the weekend! My students have a lot of tests this week, and that always makes the days go faster because we have so much to work on.

    When I scrapbooked, I loved Ali Edwards’ work.


  3. It seems like all the weeks go by at lightning speed now! Our days here have been grey and rainy, too, which makes each day blend into the next, but I guess it’s also that time of year when everyone’s thinking, “Eek, I need to start knitting or sewing for the holidays, or rather should have already started.” ;>)


  4. I haven’t been blogging about it but I’ve been in and out of the hospital with Daddio all week so I’ve little to show for it besides waiting room knits. You can’t beat that undivided all night attention.


  5. Those socks are looking splendid so far.
    And being a knitter/crocheter definitely changes your perspective on things that would previously have been annoyances (such as sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms). Now I hope that times like these will stretch out for ages. And if I’m driving and hit a traffic jam, I actually find myself thinking ‘I hope we come to a complete standstill for a while so that I can KNIT!’


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