Weekend Review

sunrise 10.26.14Oh what a beautiful weekend!  Crisp, cool weather and plenty of sunshine.  Perfect for . . .

car shopping

. . . the second step in the car shopping process.  ~J’s~ done the research and narrowed the choices.  This weekend we visited the dealers and took an up close look.

sock knitting during the game

. . . knitting and watching football.  I’m on the foot of the sock and closing in on the toe.  A good game but no win for our team.

High Bridge fog

. . . breakfast at High Bridge in the fog.  Thick fog that blocked the view of the bridge.  The light made for some really nice photos.

How was your weekend?

♥   Janet

7 thoughts on “Weekend Review

  1. gorgeous photos! I have mixed feelings about car shopping. I guess I think it’s kind of stressful. Hopefully you settle soon on your new choice!!


  2. I like your foggy pic. I was gonna say how neat everyone parks in your neck of the woods. I got to have a relaxing weekend. It’s all about delegating.


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