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Weekend Photos

This weekend . . .

The sun was able to pop through the clouds off and on this weekend.
clouds and rain
Birds flocked the feeders all weekend.
goldfinches at the feeder
Three woodpeckers (this red-bellied and a downy couple) were spotted at the feeders.
red-bellied woodpecker
Enjoying the second blooming of the lovely orchid.
two new blooms on the orchid

. . . and knitting, of course.     🙂

How was your weekend?

♥ Janet


5 thoughts on “Weekend Photos

  1. The tummy bug knocked on my door this weekend but other than that it was nice and rainy. Perfect knitting weather!


  2. Our skies are gray, and it’s pretty rainy and wet here. Our orchid has a couple of buds, and I am hoping they won’t fall off like the last time. Any thoughts?


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