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New Planner/Journal Cover


The front cover for this year’s planner/journal is finished.  I’m again using a composition book with grid pages.  This year I decided to try a painted collage for the cover.

The first layer looked something like this.

2015 journal cover back  I collected scraps of paper with a variety of pattern and texture, mostly neutrals with a touch of brown and blue.  Next a coat of gesso, light in some places, heavier in others.

2015 journal cover 3Stickers and magazine clippings were added first.  And then the doodling began with Pitt and gell pens.

4-DSCN2838And of course, I had to add a reference to yarns.     🙂

2015 journal full coverThis was a new approach for me.  I enjoyed trying new techniques and am pretty pleased with the result.

peek inside journalJust a peek inside.  Pages are a mix of journaling (blurred in the photo), to-do lists, sketches and doodles, scrapping, whatever.

Do you keep a planner/agenda/journal?  I find it keeps me focused and reminds me that each day is special, that simple things can be important and should be remembered.

Enjoy your day!

♥  Janet




6 thoughts on “New Planner/Journal Cover

  1. How do you like working with magazines? My mum gave me a stack, but I find the paper flimsy and wondered how it takes paints and other surface treatments.

    I only use a bullet note journal and only if I have something happening, meaning, some months hardly have anything in it, I also don’t use it for doodling.


  2. I have a 9 1/2×6 inch spiral notebook that I use to jot down anything I need to remember or do. I purposely don’t remove pages so if I need to go back and check something I can. There have been a few times in the last year that this was a godsend. It holds everything from grocery lists to sketches to funeral plans (my folks, not mine) and rough drafts of my blog. I call it My Brain.


  3. Love your cover!
    I use my blog as my journal. It’s not very creative but it drives me to be creative so I have something to post about every day. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like without it.


  4. I have a daily journal, a planner, a to do notebook, a quote book and one other notebook that floats about for the misc. I love how you personalized your journal!!


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