It’s Finally Here!

A little while ago I bought some yarn.  And then I waited, and waited.  I’d like to say I was patient, but not so much.  I was much better at waiting  before we had the ability to track our packages electronically and probably better off not knowing how many out of the way places it sat before finally making it to my door yesterday.

Knit Picks Stroll Hanpaint (sweetie) and Comfy (flamingo)
Knit Picks Stroll Hand-Painted (sweetie colorway) and Comfy (flamingo colorway)

Finally, it’s here and the knitting can begin.  Such sweet pastels.  Yes, there’s another baby sweater under way and I should make good progress while I watch the UK game this afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend!

♥  Janet




6 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here!

  1. Scrumptious! I can’t wait to see the projects. The new Knit Picks catalog is really testing my will power. It’s a good thing I’m broke.


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