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Morning Snapshots

It’s another gray and cold winter morning and I’ve spent some time with a cup of coffee, watching the birds and squirrels at the feeders.  Everyone was very skittish this morning, so photos had to be taken from inside and framed through the deck rails.

goldfinches 1.13

Sometimes the feeders get very crowded.  The finches make room for everyone.

woodpecker 1.13

We have three woodpeckers that have been around this winter.  They enjoy the suet.

squirrels 1.13 The squirrels are especially entertaining and very acrobatic.

Enjoy your day.

♥  Janet


4 thoughts on “Morning Snapshots

  1. I haven’t seen a woodpecker around here in ages. They used to scare me to death when they would peck on the siding. It sounded like machine guns.


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