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Weekend Snow

Like so many, we had snow this weekend.  snow 1.24.15A lovely, wet snow that coated everything. 3-DSCN2917 I enjoyed the pretty views and stayed inside to knit and paint.

The birds provided plenty of entertainment at the feeders and, of course, I took lots of photos. 4-DSCN2918_2Again, I had to take these from inside through the deck doors so I wouldn’t scare anyone away.5-DSCN2919_2Framing through the rails is a challenge.

6-DSCN2919_3I couldn’t believe my luck when I captured these goldfinches.  I cropped the photo to get a closer look and lost a little definition, but still.7-DSCN2919_3_2Mr. Cardinal found seed beneath the feeders that had been scattered by the squirrels.8-DSCN2921_2And Mrs. Cardinal watched from above.

Last week was filled with a series of to-do lists.  I composed several blog posts in my head that never made it to the keyboard.  There will just be more to share next week.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Snow

  1. I’m a bit jealous. I’d love to hang bird feeders, but I have two cats who wander outside and that just doesn’t seem fair. Enjoy your view!


  2. That’s just the amount of snow I’ve been waiting for this winter. Our big blizzard was a miss today. It’s all ice and rain.
    Lovely bird photos. I love cardinals in the snow.


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