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Art Journal Updates

Using some new-to-me techniques, I decided to decorate the cover of my current art journal.  This journal was started last year and inside is a mixture of my own journaling, responses to random prompts and experiments.

01-journal cover

I glued torn pieces of papers (patterned, book, tissue, magazine photos) to the cover and added a light coat of gesso so that some color and texture still showed.  Next distress paints and inks were added through stencils.  I stamped a swirly border and then began to doodle with pens and markers.  It still feels a little unfinished.  I’m stopping for now, but I’m pretty sure I’ll revisit it again later.

Two challenges that I’ll be following this year —

Art to the 5th is again offering the free Documented Life Project.  This year I’ve joined their Academy, a community and classroom for the project.  So much information and inspiration can be found there.

I’ll also be following along with Journal52, also free, and adding pages in the same journal I used last year.  Lots of inspiration here too.

I’m going to avoid putting pressure on myself to do “all the things” and will probably skip or combine prompts, whatever works at the time.  And I’m planning to share pages here as the year progresses.

See you tomorrow for a little knitting news.




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  1. Q – WOW!!! Looks fabulous. I’ll have to check out the links that you mentioned. Hopefully, now that I have a designated craft area where I don’t have to continually pick-up if I want to sew, I’ll get more of this type of fun in. Keep posting. I’m getting great ideas!


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