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WIP Wednesday on Thursday

The WIP Wednesday post promised on Tuesday just never happened.  I woke up yesterday morning to cold temperatures, ran errands, started working on my to-do list and suddenly it was suppertime.    So . . .

Happy Thursday!  Here’s what I have in progress.


On the needles . . . Pretty much all my knitting time is being spent on this garter stripe baby blanket.  This blanket has had several starts and froggings.  The original plan was something lacy, for a girl, and cotton, for warm temperature.  Cotton, lace and my hands were not getting along.  It seems that the yarn wanted to be this pattern all along and is coming along nicely.  The yarn is I Love This Cotton! in the four colors — rosey II, white, banana and pale denim.  I’m not typically a monogamous knitter, but I have 3½ stripes and 12 days to get it finished.  It’s doable if my hands and the cotton play nice together.

On the bookshelf . . . I’m still reading and enjoying Friendship Bread.  My reading time is having to compete with the knitting.  So far the knitting wins.

What are you working on?

~ Janet



5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday on Thursday

  1. Q – Lovely colors! I feel your hand pain. I had to quit knitting two-socks-at-once, there was way to much movement pulling the needle cords for my hands. You can do it!!! 😎


  2. I 💕 your garter stitch blanket. It has wonderful colors. I have a gift on the needles but am only half way. It’ll be late as i haven’t had time this week to work on it.


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