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Journal 52 2015

Hooray for Friday!  I have no knitting FOs today, although I did manage to add one more color section to the blanket.  So I thought I’d share a couple of my pages from the Journal52 challenge.

Journal52 :: Pathways

Week 1 Prompt  〉  Pathways
Materials  〉  watercolor background, Pitt pen, gell marker, washi tape

Journal52 :: Just Be

Week 2 Prompt  〉  Just Be
Materials  〉  acrylic paint background, gesso, collage papers, Pitt pen, word stickers, washi tape
I had coral paint left over from another project and spread it on the left page to dry.  Later I added small amounts of blue, green and yellow, spread out with an old gift card.  A thin layer of gesso knocked the color back a bit.  The collage just developed as I dug through the scrap boxes.

Week 3’s prompt was Conversation Starters.  The background was finished quickly and that’s as far as I’ve come.

Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy your weekend!

~ Janet


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