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WIP Wednesday

Happy February and Happy Wednesday!

It’s been very busy around here.  Just wanted to pop in to let you know all’s well and share what’s been keeping me away from blogging.


On the needles . . . I’ve made very good progress on the blanket thanks to 2 UK basketball games and the Super Bowl.  🙂    One rose color stripe and the bind-off remain.  The best light for a photo this morning was beside the deck doors.  While I grabbed the camera, Miss Sydney decided it was also the very best place to start a morning nap.  See the tip of her tongue?  She really dislikes the camera and was just about to give a big, bored yawn and ask me to move along.  There were better photos of the blanket, but I couldn’t resist including my sweet girl.


On the craft table . . . is a mess — papers, tapes, ribbons, stickers, stamps, and other stuff — just a little tease of a special project I’ll share soon.  I’d love to tell you that it’s rare to see my desk like this.  The truth is it rarely looks any other way.  This whole room is due a huge clean up very soon.

I’m hoping to catch up with your blogs and WIPs soon.  Enjoy your week.

~  Janet


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Q – The blanket is quite lovely, super yum colors! I actually spent the afternoon cleaning up my new “craft room”. After the kids were over and then Curls, I can totally relate. LOL!


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