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It’s About the Green


Hello!  Thank you so much for all the sweet comments and “likes” on the arrival our precious granddaughter.  It’s been a very busy few weeks since I last checked in.  I was able to go back and spend some extra time with the Kids.  I cherished my “Gram Time” with the baby each morning while her mom and dad got some extra sleep.

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St. Patrick Banner   I have a bit of green to share.


This is another waffle knit cloth, my favorite pattern, Sugar’n Cream cotton in green twist and a size 8 needle.  I needed something to knit during UK’s SEC tournament games and this was perfect.  At one point, when the game got a little close, I made a mistake in the pattern and didn’t catch it until many rows later.  It’s a cloth for me so I decided to leave it.  A few extra cast on stitches and the cloth is a nice size.


I found a draft post about these journal pages that was never published.  It’s all about the green today so it seems right to add them here.  The pages are in response to a Daisy Yellow Prompt 60 — #3: Green/Book Design.  Digging through the paper scraps and image drawers I found lots of greens for a collage.  Green paint was smeared with a plastic gift card for the background leaving book page margins.  Then collage fun.

DSCN3017And last, a wooden bowl filled with green cottons, wools and handspun.  It was fun gathering this collection together and reminded me that my yarn storage needs a major clean-up.

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I am so far behind in reading blogs, my reader is overflowing.  I’ve decided to let it go and start anew.  I’ll be around to visit soon.  Enjoy your day!

~  Janet


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  1. I’m sadly behind on blog reading too – which is why I’m a few days late commenting! I love the green dish cloth. Such a simple patterns adds nice texture to it.


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