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Weekend Snapshots


Our orchid is blooming for the third time. 

bookstoreWe visited our favorite bookstore, found a few new books and enjoyed the view of the fountain.

socksTwo socks on the needles, one for ~J~ and one for me, both with cables.
Lots of knitting during the NCAA tournament games.

dlp week 9

Time with paints and pens in the DLP journal.

How was your weekend?

~  Janet


8 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. Oh your orchid reminds me how neglectful I’ve been to ours. I don’t think it’s doing week in San Francisco and needs to go to our new home where it’s warmer. I love how you have two sock projects. That sure beats second sock syndrome.


  2. Those socks are perfection. I have no idea why looking at wool socks is making me so happy just when we are getting a break from winter-but there you have it-I’m already missing sock weather.
    As for my weekend, it was a blur. I really need to slow down.


  3. Wow, you have to share your secret to getting it to rebloom. Mine had 2 buds, but one shriveled up and fell off. I’m still pretty happy that one opened, but I’d like to know what to do to get it to bloom again. Love those socks! Oh, and your journal is very nice, too. How’s the little grand baby doing?


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