Weekend Snapshots ~ Fiber Festival Fun

Saturday was a full, wet day.  Rain and more rain, but it didn’t dampen our spirits.  ~J~ and I set out early for the Bluegrass Classic Dog Trials and the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival.

Our first stop was the dog trials.

KSFF 2015

Basically, the dog moves a group of sheep up a field, around fences and gates, separates one sheep from the flock and then guides them into a gated enclosure.  The handler works with the dog to direct its movements with commands and whistled signals.  All this happens within a specified time.  It is just amazing to watch the dogs work.

And then it rained, and rained hard.  That seemed to calm the sheep some, we were dry in the car, but it was impossible to get usable photos.  If you’d like to see dogs in action, check out the posts from previous years here and here.

When the rain let up we headed to the fiber festival’s animal tent.  Look at these sweet, sweet faces.

Then on to the fiber barns.  As usual, when I step inside the doorway I am all about the fibery goodness.  The camera never came out of my pocket.  Sorry folks.


I did find a few goodies to bring home.  Yarns and handmade soaps.  Look and those adorable sheepies on the project bag.  And I couldn’t resist the pottery mug.

We enjoyed our time and I’m already planning for next year.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

~  Janet


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