WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I have had a terrible case of “start-all-the-things/finish-none-of-the-things” for a couple of weeks now.


Recently added to the long list of WIPs is this Hitchhiker.  It’s a simple pattern, perfect for variegated yarns, with 19,446 projects so far on Ravelry.  I couldn’t resist any longer and jumped in to make one of my own.  The yarn is Bernat Sox Multi in the wooded denim colorway.  It’s been sitting in stash so long I have no idea when, where or why I bought it.

Enjoy your projects and the rest of your week.  I should have an official Stash Dash starting line post on Friday.

~  Janet


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Love it! I own the Hitchhiker pattern and will be jumping on the bandwagon this summer after finishing up some WiPs. 😀 Can’t wait to see yours finished!


  2. Hitchhiker is on my list, too. What weight yarn have you been using, and how much? This one’s a nice color!


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