ICAD 2015 ~ Week 1

Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-A-Day (ICAD) Challenge began June 1.  The goal is to create on a 3×5 index card each day of June and July, 61 days of creativity.  There are completely optional weekly themes and daily prompts if needed, or you can just do your own thing.

This is my third year to participate and my goals are to experiment with methods of collage using materials already in my stash.  I’ll follow the daily prompts when I can.

Here are the cards for week 1.

1-DSCN3331Day 001  ::  prompt – chevron

2-DSCN3336Day 002  ::  prompt – carnival

3-DSCN3335Day 003  ::  prompt – map

4-DSCN3334Day 004  ::  prompt – mailbox

5-DSCN3333Day 005  ::  prompt – owl

6-DSCN3332Day 006  ::  prompt – taxi

7-DSCN3337Day 007  ::  prompt – periodic table

Happy Wednesday!

~  Janet



5 thoughts on “ICAD 2015 ~ Week 1

  1. I bought the 3×5 notebook and haven’t even started yet….I want to just do some sketches and maybe water color or markers…I am not an artist but deep down inside of me there might be one that wants to be discovered 😉 Love your work and you inspire me.


  2. At this point, my cards would have purchase receipts and screenshots of projects I’ve admired but no actual work or accomplishments!!!


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