ICAD 2015 ~ Week 2

Still following along with Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-A-Day (ICAD) Challenge and continuing my goal of collage from stash.  Prompts for week 2 could be interpreted as food and/or color so I tried to use one of each whenever possible.

1-DSCN3355Day 008  ::  prompt – grapefruit & cherry

2-DSCN3357Day 009  ::  prompt – carrot & lemon

3-DSCN3358Day 010  ::  prompt – eggplant & ginger

4-DSCN3359Day 011  ::  prompt – lime & mango

5-DSCN3360Day 012  ::  prompt – parsnip & kiwi  ::  only colors represented here

6-DSCN3361Day 013  ::  prompt – blueberry & kiwi  ::  I started out coloring the edge of a paper doily with distress paints and used an extra card to catch the leftover marks.  When I removed the doily, I loved the lace stencil effect.  The painted doily has been added to the stash and may show up later.  Sometimes original plans get scrapped when something better comes along.

7-DSCN3362Day 014  ::  prompt – salt & pepper  ::  Watercolor sprinkled with table salt and left to dry made an interesting speckled background.

There you have it.  Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy your week.

~  Janet


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    1. Thanks, Judy. A countdown ticker like the one for Stash Dash can be created at tickerfactory.com. The ones for knit/crochet/handspun are made at knitmeter.com.


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