ICAD 2015 ~ Week 3

Continuing with the ICAD challenge at Daisy Yellow, here are the cards for week 3.

7-DSCN3371Day 015  ::  prompt – route 66

6-DSCN3372Day 016  ::  prompt – greeting card  ::  Today was ~R’s~ birthday so I created a mini birthday greeting and attached it to the index card.

5-DSCN3373Day 017  ::  prompt – wabi-sabi  ::  I had to do a little research and found this explanation most helpful.  “Wabi Sabi is the beauty and appreciation of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.  It is the beauty in things humble and simple . . . unrefined and unconventional.”

4-DSCN3374Day 018  ::  prompt – treehouse  ::  I keep a sheet of plain paper on the wall above my desk where I stick leftover pieces of washi tapes.  The little birdhouse/treehouse was cut from that paper.

3-DSCN3375Day 019  ::  prompt – snow globe  ::  This card is two layers, the globe covered in acetate.  You can gently shake the card to move the snow and buttons inside.

2-DSCN3376Day 20  ::  prompt – color wheel

1-DSCN3379Day 21  ::  prompt – 1970’s  ::  My favorite memory from the 70’s — the day I married my best friend.

Looking forward to this week’s prompts.

~  Janet



4 thoughts on “ICAD 2015 ~ Week 3

  1. Every one of these cards is superb. I really love them all. The snow globe one is completely delightful. My favorite though is the Route 66 one since I just did a Route 66 page in my art journal.


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