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Weekend Snapshots

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We had a very nice holiday weekend.  How was yours?

~  Janet


6 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. The brightness of that bee palm is striking. Your spinning is awesome. Had a smooth and fun weekend. You’ll read about our fourth and Sunday was chillaxin’.


  2. Looks like your spinning is going well! We had a good weekend, but little Stella was sick which was a bit worrisome.


  3. I’ve totally cheated the TdF this year and given myself a giant head start. I guess I should say that I’ve combined my World Cup spinning with the TdF. There was no way to separate the two.


  4. We had our annual heatwave, so apart from hosting a small garden party, all I did was try not to melt over the edge of my chair in the shade! Really can’t be having with people running around like that. 😉


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