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WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  So many challenges — Stash Dash, ICAD and now Tour de Fleece.


On the needles . . . The Bohemian shawl has received all my knitting time and has grown considerably.  I am enjoying everything about this shawl — the pattern, the fabric, the colors, all of it.  I’m currently working on the striping section, 7 more stripes and then 4 inches of ribbing to finish.  The shawl should add 420-460 meters to Stash Dash and push me close to half-way to my 3K goal.

On the wheel . . . I’ve been able to watch parts of the Tour de France, plenty of excitement each day.  For the Tour de Fleece, one bobbin of the merino/silk is complete and half of the second bobbin.  I’ve been experimenting with settings on the wheel which has slowed my progress but I’m learning quite a bit.  The second bobbin should be finished today and plied tomorrow.

On the bookshelf . . . Reading is slow right now with so many other things going on.  When I take time to read I’m still enjoying The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris.

On the art desk . . . ICAD has passed the half-way point.  I’ve managed to keep up and stick to my plan of a collage for each prompt.  Here are a couple of favorites from the last two weeks.

All the cards will eventually be posted to the ICAD 2015 page in the sidebar.

Must go spin now.  Enjoy your week.

~  Janet


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. The Bohemian Shawl is coming along so beautifully, Janet. It is going to be a great shawl to wear.
    I continue to admire your fidelity to the ICAD and the way that you use so many different approaches on the cards.


  2. I am ashamed to admit I know nothing about all the settings on my wheels. I have one default technique and that’s it. The shawl is coming along nicely. It looks like a fun knit,


  3. This last collage is so interesting. I like what you did with the vintage photo. I’ve always read about ppl participating in the Tour de Fleece but never really knew it. Your link clarified it all. How fun. Sadly, I have a spindle that was excitedly bought but never really played with. I’ll have to try that before the summer ends.


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