FO Friday ~ First TdF Yarn

Happy Friday!  Today is Stage 7 of the Tour de France.  I’ve enjoyed watching the race and always learn a bit more each year.  Team strategies are always interesting.  I’ve also been able to spin each day for the Tour de Fleece and have finished my first yarn.

TUS snowpocalypseThe Unique Sheep merino/silk
Snowpocalypse colorway
2 oz, 239 yds/218.5 m total, 2-ply

This fiber is from The Unique Sheep’s 2015 Batt Club.  My first time to spin from a batt.  I spent time experimenting with whorl sizes and combinations, scotch tension, woolen and worsted draw.  That caused the yarn to be a bit thick and thin.  I think I found the “just right” combination.

Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 10.41.18 AMThis yarn brings the Stash Dash total to 1144 meters.  So far so good.


Already on the Ladybug is 4 oz of Ashland Bay merino.

Enjoy your weekend!

~  Janet


3 thoughts on “FO Friday ~ First TdF Yarn

  1. Your yarn is lovely, and I love heathery color. Spinning batts can be a very different experience from spinning commercial top and roving. You did a beautiful job, and good luck with the Ashland Bay Merino. That colorway looks like it will spin up into a lovely heather yarn.


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