Weekend Snapshots

1-DSCN3521-0012-DSCN3527-001 3-DSCN3530-001 4-DSCN3535-001 5-1-DSCN3526-002 6-DSCN3544-0011-weekend071915Miss Sappho supervised my work at the desk
and then took a break to play with the flower disk:

* She scoots it off the desk.
* I pick it up.
* Repeat, repeat, repeat.

How was your weekend?





4 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. Oh boy, my girls are dying for pet kittens. They keep talking about this the past few days after a Novato visit and seeing the new feline residents of the that household. We have bold squirrels in our neighborhood also. I may have told you this before but one will try to pee on the tween if she gets too near his tree. Your spinning looks so fluffy! It’s lovely.


  2. I saw your Merino on Ravelry in the TdF group this weekend and thought it was fabulous. I love those icy colors especially since it’s been 100 here all week with humidity to match.
    I suppose that kitty game is their version of fetch-with us doing the fetching.


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