FO Friday ~ Almost

Hooray for Friday!  Look at me . . . posting 5 days in a row.

The Bohemian Shawl was finished last week during the Tour de Fleece and I put off blocking until the Tour was over.  Yesterday was the day to soak, block and dry.  Just in time for FO Friday.


Miss Sappho found the blocking wires fascinating and decided to supervise.  She was a bit miffed that this was happening on “her” bed, in “her” room.


Wires were threaded and pinned across the top, the bottom point pinned and I began to gently stretch the ribbed edge for just a little more give.  And then, the yarn snapped.


The key when these things happen is not to panic.  I grabbed pins and quickly trapped each stitch involved and let it dry.  I’m so aggravated.  I’ve blocked a dozen or more lace shawls with no problem.  I guess it was time.  Now I need to figure out how to mend the edge.  Let’s hope this shawl with be a real FO next week.

Enjoy your weekend!

~  Janet 




14 thoughts on “FO Friday ~ Almost

  1. Oh no! I always fear that will happen to me. I would say get a needle in it when you take it off the board and then graft along the edge as if in a bind off manner. Fingers crossed!


  2. beautiful shawl. You might want to unravel a few more stitches and then splice the yarn and rework the end. If the yarn is very fine, a Shetland splice would work well.


    1. It’s still hanging on the door with a needle threaded through the stitches. I know what I have to do, but then I thought I knew how to gently stretch the edge too. 🙂


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