Spice of Life CAL

Last Wednesday I mentioned that I had decided to join the Spice of Life CAL in the Cherry Hearts Cozy Corner group on Ravelry.  The blanket pattern is divided into parts released over 6 weeks and explores a variety of crochet stitches.

1-DSCN3830Lovely yarn packs were offered for purchase, but I decided this was a great way to use up some of the acrylics accumulating in the leftover pile.  It took a bit of searching, sorting and arranging to find skeins with enough yardage.  Then I made the yarn card to help keep it all straight and test color combinations.

1-DSCN3832Part one was all about the details.  Part two had instructions for the first set of rows.  Those were finished over the weekend.  Rows for part three were released today.  I’ve just made a start with the yellow and gold shells at the top.

2-DSCN3831I’m not in love with the colors but some of these are almost full skeins of 200-300 yards.  I am happy to be using up some of the yarn odds and ends.  And, if I keep up with the schedule, I’ll be able to cozy up in a new blanket by Thanksgiving.  Fingers crossed     🙂

~  Janet



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