Two on the Needles

Hooray for October and Happy Friday!

The weather is quite chilly lately, and damp.  Much needed rain has greened the grass a bit.  Woodpeckers have returned to the feeders after a short absence.  Leaves are falling but the only colors so far are dirty yellow and brown.  Still, I love this beginning of autumn.

No FOs for me this week, but there are a couple of knitting projects getting attention when I’m not working on the crochet blanket.

2-DSCN3837The Camellia Dolman for ~R~ is growing.  Instead of knitting the pattern as written for a cardigan, I’ve added a front panel and am knitting it as a pullover in the round.  The yarns are incredibly soft and the pattern easy to follow.  I am using new-to-me needles, ordered by mistake.  Knitters Pride Cubics are actually square and very comfortable.  A good mistake!  I’m on round 114 of 188, close to 500 stitches per row.

1-DSCN3833Barndom is growing as well.  The ribs are formed by an interesting slip stitch and cable combination.  It takes some concentration and stitch markers are a must.  I’m really pleased with the way the colors play together.

I may need to set these projects aside briefly.  There’s a pair of unfinished fingerless mitts hiding somewhere and my hands are getting chilly.

Enjoy your weekend!

~  Janet



10 thoughts on “Two on the Needles

  1. Camellia is so pretty. You are so smart to add a panel to make it a pullover. Glad the mistake ended up being useful. Solid progress on this shawl.


  2. Very nice! 500 stitches in one row, wow! How long does that take? We went to a fair in Chicago where a woman had drop spindles and I thought of you. Is it hard to learn? The lady gave our GS a spindle and some roving which is why I ask.


    1. There are lots of beginning videos on You Tube. I taught myself to use the drop spindle by watching the videos over and over. I hope your GS has fun with it.


  3. What a unique pattern the Camellia Dolman pattern is – and I really prefer the pullover with the panel added. What is an FO?

    Thanks for stopping by my knitting site. I have neglected it lately, mostly b/c I can’t knit at the moment… But also b/c I’m working a lot on my two other websites.

    I’m crocheting a granny square curtain for our kitchen at the moment… and my oldest daughter wants a set of the same curtains. 😊 My sister wants a dresser scarf, and I’m also crocheting a doily to put under the glass of a picture frame – and will have handles on it to make it a tray.

    Did you say you’re crocheting a blanket? Do you have any pics?


    1. FO stands for Finished Object. I’m hoping the Spice of Life blanket will be finished soon. The last update post was here. Your kitchen curtains sounds like a fun project.


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