WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Today the Subaru is getting its checkup and that means uninterrupted knitting time for me.

<   Imagine here a clever photo of knitting at the dealership — the photo I forgot to take   :/   >

The blanket is too big to travel now so I took the Camellia pullover along.


The stitch count is now over 500 stitches per row and still growing.  Some counting is required and stitch markers are a must, at least for me.  The softness of the yarns (baby merino and baby alpaca held together) make up for the long, long rows.  Since it grows so slowly, the pullover looks pretty much the same as the last two photos I’ve shared.  So this time I fiddled a little with the photo above by adjusting contrast, infrared and vignette settings.  Interesting.

So how are your projects progressing?

~  Janet


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I love when I get those moments of waiting time to knit. I think I would need those stitch markers myself. There’s no way I could keep track of 500 stitches!


  2. How long does it take to do 500 stitiches??? Love the look of the sweater though; it’ll go with everything. I have lots of WIPs, all progressing very slowly.


  3. At least you remembered your knitting at the dealer. I usually have my camera but not my needles! 500 stitches. Ouch….but it’s going to be a masterpiece.


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