I’m Hooked

 The Spice of Life Blanket was so enjoyable . . . and there are still scraps of yarns in various lengths and colors cluttering the craftroom . . . and I really need to free up space in the yarn closet . . . so


Yep . . . I’ve started another crochet blanket, a scrapghan.  I’ve gathered all the small balls, and some full skeins, in a large project bag and chained 120 stitches.  Pulling a random color from the bag, I crochet until the yarn runs out or until I’m ready to change colors.  It’s a random process (and I don’t always do random very well), a project that I can pick up whenever there’s time.  Simple – Using up scraps – No Deadline.   Win-Win-Win!

What can I say?  I’m hooked on crochet blankets.      🙂

~  Janet



5 thoughts on “I’m Hooked

  1. I love it! I have a similar one going with scraps in a granny square pattern. as I fifinsh project with appropriate weight yarn, I toss the ends in a bag, and now and then I work a few rows. It will be years before it is done, but it is bright and pretty. 🙂

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