Crazy Weeks


It’s been a crazy two weeks around here.  The Kids and Little Miss made the trip from Florida and we were so excited to celebrate her first Christmas.  Then the virus bug hit, again and again.  ~T~ went to the doctor on Christmas Eve with a sinus infection.  Little Miss headed to the doctor the day after Christmas with lots of congestion and an ear infection.  ~J~ picked up the bug next and spent a couple of days in bed.  ~R~ and I tag-teamed to take care of everyone.  I spent New Year’s Eve with Mom in the ER.  ~R~ called last night to let us know they’d had a safe trip and that her itchy eyes had turned into an infection.  Mom was able to come home from the hospital yesterday, but I wasn’t able to pick her up . . . ’cause . . .

Yep, it’s my turn with the viruses.  I’m here, in bed, watching NCIS reruns and knitting socks.  Looks like those crazy two weeks are turning into three.

~  Janet


6 thoughts on “Crazy Weeks

  1. Feel better soon. It sounds just like what took place here, except I haven’t caught it yet. It is playing with me the way a cat plays with a mouse.


  2. Oh dear, Janet! Viruses should not be allowed to any family gathering!
    Still, I’m glad you got to celebrate this 1st X-mas, and being together is what counts. I hope you and your mom are doing better.


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