Year of Stash Socks

I’ve declared 2016 to be “My Year of the Sock”.  ~J~ and I love hand-knit socks and it’s time for some new additions to the sock drawers.  Sock patterns can be as simple or complicated as you want.  You can’t beat the portability of a sock project.  And then there’s the variety of yarn choices.

I turned to Ravelry, of course, for some inspiration and found the Year of Stash Socks (YOSS) group.  They’re sponsoring a year-long sock challenge called Rock Around the Socks.  Basically — identify and set aside 24 skeins of stash sock yarn by January 1, each month knit socks from one or two of your skeins, and earn points and prizes along the way.  Will I really knit 24 pairs of socks this year?  Doubtful, but with such a supportive group it will be fun to knit along and see what happens.


These are the yarns I’ve gathered for the challenge.  I had no idea that so much sock-weight had been stashed away and I didn’t even recognize some of the skeins.  If nothing else comes of this challenge, the yarn closet has had a nice tidying up.


The first pair is already on the needles.  The pattern is Vanilla Latte Socks, a free pattern on Ravelry and one I’ve knit several times.  The yarn is Red Heart Heart & Sole in the lakehouse colorway.  I love, love the colors and the way the stripes are spiraling on the leg.

Another week and they should be finished.


15 thoughts on “Year of Stash Socks

  1. I did a year of stash socks last year, though only 12 pairs completed. Since I was careful not to replace that sock yarn in my stash, it was really quite interesting to see a significant space open up in my stash. Nice yarns, I can’t wait to see your progress!


  2. I love to make socks and I have quite a sock yarn stash but I seriously can’t use another pair. I was looking for charities to donate to because I can’t stop making them or buying sock yarn. It’s just too tempting.


  3. Janet, my sister has knitted me some socks and she fretted about the way they don’t “match up” as yours seem to. Do you have a secret way of doing them that I could pass on to her? By the way I love the colors of the pair you are currently knitting. Also I was wondering if you knit them on the gadget you have them on or is that just to show them? I think she’d be interested to know. I ‘d appreciate hearing if you have time to answer my questions. Thanks. Rose


    1. Hi Rose. I’m sending you an email, but in case someone else reads your question I’ll put the answer here too. I don’t knit too many striping socks so I’m really not an expert, but here’s what I do. Some striping yarns are harder to match than others. If I have two balls of yarn, I pull out yarn from each and try to find a point where the color sequence matches and then cast on from that spot in both balls. The problem is that yardage can be wasted in one skein, but if it’s not too much I go ahead. Sometimes the stripes still won’t match, but they usually come close. I have to admit that I don’t worry too much about matching stripes. 🙂 The socks in the photo are stretched on blue plastic sock blockers just to show the colors and stitch pattern better.


  4. Great idea! You are going to have some nice socks, no matter how many there are. Amazing how that sock yarn multiplies, isn’t it? I like to use it for shawls also.


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