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Weekend Snapshots

Boxes packed, taped and ready to mail.

2-DSCN4217Knitting socks, of course.

1-IMG_2286Mom gave us a scare when she fell in her apartment.  A trip to the ER and a few stitches.  She’s doing well at resting up at home.  A little knitting helped keep me calm.

1-DSCN4222Enjoyed the new Star Wars movie . . . and the popcorn.

∇  ∇  ∇  ∇  ∇  ∇  ∇ 

~J~ has tomorrow off and we’re looking forward to an extra day in our weekend.

~  Janet


7 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. I’m glad your mum is home in her own bed and comfortable. Thank goodness for some simple sock knitting to keep one’s nerves at bay. And yay! Another fan of the Star Wars movie.


    1. Thanks, Stefanie. Mom is sore but well. I remember standing in a long line to see the first Star Wars movie. We waited, so no lines this time.


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