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Journals for the New Year

I love journaling — jotting down to-do lists and crossing off what’s completed, saving memories from the day, recording ideas for future projects and sometimes working through anxieties.  Since I discovered art journaling a few years ago, I spend time in one journal or another every day.


These are the journals I’ve collected and prepared so far for this year.  The first two are mixed media journals carried over from last year.  Next is my daily planner journal for 2016.  And last, the journal of quotes still has room for additions.

The Daily Planner Journal is another altered composition notebook with gridded pages, just like the ones I’ve used for the last two years.  They work really well for me.  Each monthly section contains a calendar and pages to document the days.  I add random bits and pieces (tickets, receipts, programs, cards), sketches and doodles.  The inside cover is a pocket to hold notes, etc.  And of course my Word for the Year – ACTION is there as a reminder.

Another project continuing from last year is the altered Rolodex.  I enjoy working on the small cards and keeping positive thoughts next to my desk.

Journaling is an important part of my day.  Do you journal your thoughts, plans, ideas, sketches?

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Serious snow is falling here, so beautiful and accumulating fast.  It’s headed east and if you’re in its path, stay warm and safe.

~  Janet


15 thoughts on “Journals for the New Year

  1. I love that you have multiple journals. I only have the one at present and just use it for art journalling. I have been contemplating getting another for recording anecdotes from my life, driven by the family historian in me, but that is a project for a future time when I have time to devote to it and fewer other projects on the go.


  2. If it’s the same system that just left us, hang onto your hat. Here in central Arkansas, I awoke to six inches of snow this morning. If we get a couple of inches over an entire winter, we think we’ve had a ton! ❄️❄️❄️


  3. I filled up many journals when I was young but none so lovely as yours! The snow is being a terror here tonight also. I’ll be glad when this is all over. Stay safe!


    1. I’ve journaled for many years too and I enjoy adding art now. It sounds as if you’ll be getting much more snow than we have. Stay warm and safe!


  4. Your journals are beautiful! This year im running: a year planner to schedul stuff, a journal for musings, notes & random inspirational hits and a day to view journal where i record my achievements 🙂


  5. I’ve always kept a book…I guess I never thought of it as journalling because it seems so utilitarian. This is an inspiring post! I’m going to try thinking about my little book of lists as a journal!


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