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January Journaling

I posted a photo earlier of the journals I plan to use this year and I’ve made a bit of progress this month.


This is the 2016 divider page in my main art journal that highlights forms of my word for the year – Action.  The background is collaged tissue paper and napkins, distress inks and stencils.  I’m looking forward to getting back into this journal after being away for a time.


And I still enjoy the altered Rolodex cards.  The stand sits on a shelf next to my art desk.  My plan is to make quick backgrounds using up paper and sticker scraps.  I like to browse through the cards for inspiration and positive thoughts.

I have a knitting FO for tomorrow – socks, of course.  Enjoy your day!

~  Janet




2 thoughts on “January Journaling

  1. Your Rolodex creations are wonderful. I want to start journaling, more of a bullet and doodling one but want to make one for myself first. But I’d only probably be able to make a small one if I machine sew it together. I have a blank journal but I’m anal about my penmanship and would love those graph paper like pages.


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