WIP Wednesday ~ 2.17.16

Happy Wednesday!

It was a bit warmer yesterday (in the mid-30s) and the snow began melting — again.  I’ve been making progress on another pair of socks.


I’m really enjoying this pair, #5 for the YOSS challenge.  The Lombard Street Socks are being knit in Fiber Optic Yarns Foot Notes in the twilight zone colorway.  I bought this yarn several years ago at the KSFF.  The cable and lace pattern, an eight-row repeat, shifts at the heel/foot and changes again down the toe.  A variation on an eye of partridge heel flap has a nice squishy feel.  This pair is for me and I can’t wait to have them finished.

The missing My Cup of Tea sock that was accidentally left at my mom’s has finally been found.  Funny story (sort of) that I’ll share on Friday.


Earlier this year, I joined the Afghan Squares for Pine Ridge group on Ravelry.  Squares are donated and completed afghans are sent to South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation.  My goal is to send a package each month.  I have nine, 6-inch squares so far and hope to have a dozen to put in the mail at the end of the month.

How are your projects progressing?

Enjoy the rest of your week.

~  Janet


12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday ~ 2.17.16

  1. My projects are progressing very nicely and I’m in the home stretch on my shawl. Hurray for found socks – nothing like that sinking feeling you get when you pull out a sock project and you see that half of it is missing!


  2. Things are moving right along quite nicely here since it just keeps being cold and stormy. Nothing to do but knit! We did have pure rain yesterday, so a foot or more of snow is completely gone, and we will start again tonight re-accumulating. Meanwhile, we enjoy what feels like a breath of spring air – 35 degrees! Today I am actually not wearing any knits – first time in ages. 🙂 But I keep plugging away at my WIPs.


  3. I love the pattern on that sock and that color….to die for. My projects are in the knitting black hole. I am working like crazy and not having anything to show for it.


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