WIP Wednesday ~ 2.24.16

Happy Wednesday!

The sun broke through the clouds this morning just long enough for me to get a photo for today’s post.  And look — no socks!


February socks are finished, March socks can’t be cast on until Tuesday and I needed some easy knitting while watching last night’s basketball game.  I saw Samothrace Wings on Knitting Sarah’s blog and immediately added it to my queue.  When a cowl was frogged and freed my Downton handspun I knew just what my next project would be.  This will be a long-term knit that I’ll fit in between the sock challenges.

Still reading The Seafront Tearoom.  An interesting read so far, but progress is slow.  I’m not taking much time for reading right now.

Enjoy the rest of your week.  How are your projects coming along?

~  Janet


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday ~ 2.24.16

  1. Rain and fog here. All day. All week. Waiting for tornados now.
    My projects are coming along slowly. I am in 2 row rule mode just to keep them going. I need some fresh spring projects and all these winter things are hanging over my head.


  2. Yay on finding a new pattern for frogged yarn. That was quick. A sock that was little past its gusset came to a halt when I had the epiphany that this sock may come out tight for my daddy so after pondering on an expert sock knitter’s advice, I’m going to frog and cast on more stitches and I think I’ve figured out how to knit the heel turn.


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