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February Journaling

Happy Leap Day!  Time to take a look at this month’s journaling progress.

I’m still enjoying the altered Rolodex cards.  The small size makes them quick to complete and I enjoy having inspiration and positive thoughts close to the work desk.

7-DSCN4435 8-DSCN4436

∴  ∴  ∴  ∴  ∴  ∴  ∴

Sometimes the pages in my mixed media journal are in response to prompts.


Daisy Yellow Muse30 Prompt 1 :: Print
{animal print stencils and markers}


Daisy Yellow Muse30 Prompt 2 :: Space
{Distress paints and markers were layered over washi tape strips.  Tape was removed to leave blank spaces for the quote.}

 And sometimes the pages are just for fun.  1-DSCN4429

{magazine photos, found word art, washi tape and coffee stains}

∴  ∴  ∴  ∴  ∴  ∴  ∴

Last set is from the new Glue Book.  Each collage is random or an experiment in theme, color, technique, something.  These are two favorites so far.



∴  ∴  ∴  ∴  ∴  ∴  ∴

Enjoy your day!

~  Janet


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