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Weekend Snapshots

Here are a few things the camera saw this weekend.


Heavy fog Sunday morning.



Knitting on the second sock of pair #6 while wearing pair #4.


Finding the right button to go on the new altered Rolodex card.


Loving the colors on the new miniature orchid.

I hope you had a good weekend.

~  Janet


6 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. I have a mini orchid too! Been taking real good care of it. I read on Pinterest one can mix orchid food with water and freeze them in an ice cube tray, placing one to melt in the flower’s pot a week. I want to try that. Your art always makes me smile. You are having way better sock knitting success than I.


  2. First thing I thought of when I saw the pics of the tree and fog was Joyce Kilmer’s poem. Lovely socks. Love the flower buttons! Beautiful orchid! Nice pics!!


  3. What a lovely selection of photos. I especially like the second one of the tree in the fog. Really magical.
    And your button photo called out to me. I have an embarrassingly large collection of buttons. I just can’t seem to have enough!


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