WIP Wednesday ~ 3.9.16


Happy Wednesday!

It’s a lovely morning.  I have the deck door open to enjoy the mild temperature and the birds.  The neighbor’s cat has been hanging around our feeders for the last couple of days.  So I’m also listening for a change in the birds’ songs so I can shoo the cat back home.  The Jays make it very clear when there’s an intruder in “their” yard.


There are two projects getting the most attention this week.

Samothrace Wings  ::  Another wedge has been added and I’m enjoying the colors so much.  It’s hard to set it aside to work on anything else.

Spring Forward Socks  ::  I’m ready to turn the heel on the second sock.  I should have this pair finished before the time does spring forward.

2-DSCN4464YOSS Sock #7  ::  I went to visit with Mom yesterday and I needed a project that didn’t require counting.  I cast on a sock for ~J~.  I don’t have a pattern yet, but a cuff’s a cuff so I’m safe.

That’s all the knitting I have and no art projects to share.  How are your projects coming along?

~  Janet 



5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday ~ 3.9.16

  1. For sure, a cuffs a cuff! I’m on a new project of sock yarn and squares. I really need to knit the never ending blanket….but I don’t want to!


    1. I’m working on a sweater knit all in one piece; we’ll see how that goes. Love your SF socks; that’s a nice pattern, isn’t it? Now I need to look up the pretty shawl!


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