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When Is a Cuff Not a Cuff ?

In yesterday’s post I shared a new sock for my husband.  I had knit about ½” of my standard rib cuff.  I was confident, saying “I don’t have a pattern yet, but a cuff’s a cuff so I’m safe”. 

When is a cuff NOT a cuff?  When you choose a design that uses a smaller needle size and a different stitch count.  No matter, ½” is easily and quickly frogged.

So . . .


. . . here’s the NEW new sock.  The pattern is Whatever and the yarn is Paton’s Kroy FX in camo, a nice subtle gradient.  Twisted stitches separate the ribbing and stockinette.  I’ve tried twisted stitches before with poor results, but thought I’d give it another chance and it’s going much better.  The photo makes the left twist look odd, but it’s actually much more even like the right twist.  So far so good and I’m pushing on.

~  Janet



7 thoughts on “When Is a Cuff Not a Cuff ?

  1. I really do like that pattern! And I think I have some Kroy sitting around looking for some love. I have another pair of socks to finish first though.


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